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World Hyundai2October 25, 2009


by CORETTA RICHARDSON (Chicago, IL) on October 25, 2009

I was coaxed into coming into the dealer under false pretenses about a Columbus Day sale, they had specific cars to my wants and that they had banks in the store ready to do financing and that i was already pre-approved based on the information they had from me from THIS WAS A BIG BIG LIE!!!  I test drove what they had and it was nice, clean and no major problems though I found some,

The finance manager lied to me about the financing he found for me and the extras he was gonna throw in. He also had a problem with getting me a carfax/autocheck. He wanted me to leave w/the car that night, but my financial advisor told me to walk and if they are true to their word it will be there tomorrow. I went back the next day and true enough the deal changed, the apr was high, i now had to give a down payment in addition to my trade in , i had to purchase extended warranty and then he gave me the wrong carfax report/auto check (noticed when i got home). Even w/all this I bought the car b/c my dad said it was fine and they said they will fix the problems we found. When I told them bout the wrong autocheck, the correct one was given to me along w/the maintenance log. However, When it was time for them to fix the stuff we signed off on (the night of purchased), thats when the problem started. Of the 4 things on the list, someone scratch off 2 of the things that we agreed on and then they claimed that they didnt know who did it. When I started to rant, they hurriedly put it back on the list to be done. At that point, I said I wanted a copy of everything in my file again (one salesman told me they shredded the pre-financing forms, he was lying). I went to financing and she gave me what I wanted. My next problem was when i was told to drop off my car a day early so they can have it in and out. I dropped my car off on a friday evening and didnt get it back until wednesday night and they didnt fix what they were suppose to fix. I was told my car would be ready that saturday evening since i brought it in that friday night. Plus they had the nerve to tell me that I cant drive the loaner out of town while I had previously told them that I had a conference.

My sales person(korey), the finance lady (camille) and the car washer dude (josh), were the only honest people I met in the dealership. Even though I ended buying the car (based on my dad's approval), everyone else are LIARS and fits the stereotype of car salesmen/women. They lie to get the car sold and then they try to cover up the problems when it is brought to their attention rather than apologize and fixed the problem. I would recommend my friends to the Car Salesman ONLY, but NOT the dealership.  I even allowed my salesman to fill out the survey for me. However, him saying I was a happy buyer, was not the truth and I wouldnt recommend the World Hyundai, but I would recommend Korey B. Lets see what type of service I get after this review, if it is posted and not tampered with.

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By now you have heard from our management staff to address your concerns. I know you were finally able to take a car home even with the existing credit situation. I am sorry that it took as much effort as it did. Thank you for your patience.


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