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World Hyundai5June 25, 2009

FIrst Time Service Experience Was Great

by Mike Wabich (Monee, IL) on June 25, 2009

 This was the first time that I was bringing my car (2009 Azera) in for service and the experience was great!  I stopped on the way over and purchased breakfast as I expected to have to wait in a long line and that I'd be late getting to work  Nothing of the kind!

First, I drove right in to a very clean and well lit service reception area.  It only took a couple of minutes to talk with the service writer, Art, and I was almost on my way.  I asked if there was a loaner car available for me and the next thing, a driver pulls up with a new Sante Fe.  I went so far as to ask Art if he had a "beater" loaner as I didn't want to take advantage of the free loaner program.  Got a laugh and I drove away with the Sante Fe.  My wife and I originally were looking at the Sante Fe but settled for my 2009 Azera and her 2008 Tiburon.  We are both really happy with both cars.

Loved driving the SUV and had some second thoughts about not buying one.  But I'm now spoiled by my Azera.

Long story short (which it doesn't appear to be), my sales experience with World was great and now the service backed up my original impression.  I've owned Hyundais since 2004 and I really love them.  My only regret is that now more and more people are finding out what I found out five years ago, great product and a really affordable price.

Mike Wabich

PS- If you want to call me and confirm my impression, call my cell phone 708-217-6954.  And I don't give that out to everyone.  Thanks for making a great car.

Our reply


Thank you so much for taking the time out and giving such a detailed description of your expeience.  I really can't thank you enough.  This is exactly why we startd a review site so that if World does something right or wrong we have a chance to talk to our guests about it.  We look forward to having you as a customer for a long time.



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