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World Hyundai5May 25, 2017

Megan K. of New Lenox IL

by Megan Kennedy (New Lenox, IL) on May 25, 2017

Mariela and Everyone else here was very helpful in finding just the right car for me!

World Hyundai5May 25, 2017

Megan K. of New Lenox IL

by Megan Kennedy (New Lenox, IL) on May 25, 2017

Everyone here was very helpful in finding just the right car for me!

World Hyundai5April 3, 2013

Amanda C. of New Lenox IL

by Amanda Crane (New Lenox, IL) on April 3, 2013

Today I worked with Soto and Edwin. Both were great to work with. Leaving today in a 2011 Kia Optima and very pleased overall.

World Hyundai5March 16, 2013

Sean B. of New Lenox IL

by Sean Bock (New Lenox, IL) on March 16, 2013
World Hyundai Voices: Erik Garcia Salesperson:

Erik was great. Everyone was very helpful. Definatley coming back for my next vehicle. Thanks

World Hyundai5February 12, 2013

RON E. of New Lenox IL

by RON ECKBERG (New Lenox, IL) on February 12, 2013


World Hyundai5January 28, 2013

Tom of New Lenox Remembers an Excellent Experience at World Hyundai

by Tom Tabak (New Lenox, IL) on January 28, 2013

 Excellent experience with Steve, made the process of purchasing a new vehicle a pleasure.

Our reply


Thank you for choosing to purchase your new vehicle at World Hyundai Matteson

We are glad to read that Steve was able to provide a pleasurable car buying experience.

Please visit us again sometime in the near future!


World Hyundai5January 25, 2013

LAWRENCE T. of New Lenox IL

by LAWRENCE TISCHER (New Lenox, IL) on January 25, 2013



World Hyundai5January 21, 2013

Kim of New Lenox, IL Has Another Great Experience at World Hyundai

by Kim Krauzas (New Lenox, IL) on January 21, 2013
Today I came in to World Hyundai for routine maintenance.  After talking with Dennis Wippo, I was fully convinced that my best option was to upgrade to a new vehicle.  He was knowledgable in the vehicle's options and performance, and went above and beyond to take care of all details... [read more]
World Hyundai5December 8, 2012

Laura of New Lenox, IL says sales professional at World Hyundai was great to work with

by Laura Groenewold (New Lenox, IL) on December 8, 2012

Soto was great to work with. Went out of his way to get the vehicle I was looking for.THANK YOU

Our reply

Thank you for choosing World Hyundai! We are glad to hear that Luis Soto was able to assist you in your vehicle purchase!


World Hyundai5November 23, 2012

Sarah of New Lenox, IL very happy with purchase at World Hyundai

by Sarah & James Piwowar (New Lenox, IL) on November 23, 2012

We purchased a new Santa Fe on a very busy day, but we were very happy with the service and our Purchase of the new vehicle.

Our reply

Thanks for your purchase, Sarah and James.

We are very happy to hear your experience was pleasurable!

If we can assist with anything else, please let us know!

World Hyundai5December 19, 2009

Fantastic review of World Hyundai Matteson by our New Lenox customer

by john soch (New Lenox, IL) on December 19, 2009
This was a pleasant experience working with Angie at World Hyundai .At first we left the dealership to think about the purchase,my wife loved the Sante Fe so much  I decided to go ahead with with deal thanks to Angie,Tom,and Brian we bought the vehicle.We are dedicated customers that will... [read more]
World Hyundai5December 7, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai shopper will continue to recommend Danny and World Hyundai Matteson to his friends

by Barry Ryan (New Lenox, IL) on December 7, 2009
Danny provided all the information and help we needed to make our decision on buying a new Sanat Fe. He is a true professional and helped to make the 'car buying' experience a very positive event. I will continue to recommend your dealership and Danny to my friends. Thank you... [read more]
World Hyundai4December 5, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai client at World Hyundai Matteson.

by Lauren Jinkensen (New Lenox, IL) on December 5, 2009

The service here was very good. very professional. very helpful.

Our reply


World Hyundai Matteson, your  New Lenox Hyundai dealer is happy to be of service to you. Thanks for your business. We look forward to seeing you in the future.


World Hyundai Matteson

World Hyundai4November 17, 2009

New Lenox customer gives positive feedback about World Hyundai

by luann doyle (New Lenox, IL) on November 17, 2009

Rory was very helpfull, very nice man.

Our reply

Thanks Luann, we think Rory is pretty great also. See you for your first Hyundai service appointment.



World Hyundai5November 12, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai buyer wil send his friends

by kenneth burrow (New Lenox, IL) on November 12, 2009

  Good experience with salesman and deal sent in by my neice -will send my friends

World Hyundai5November 7, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai shopper would come back again to World Hyundai Matteson

by chad siebert (new lenox, IL) on November 7, 2009

Great experience, sal was wonderful! we would definetly come back for our next car.

Our reply


We appreciate you doing business with us. We are happy to have you as a New Lenox Hyundai buyer at World Hyundai!

World Hyundai5October 17, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai shopper likes the atmosphere at World Hyundai Matteson

by yvonne and john kalman (new lenox, IL) on October 17, 2009
I found Mark Artibey to be especially knowledgeable about the features of the automobile I was buying.  Particularly the safety features.  I asked him to tell me everything he knew about the car and he did.  I also liked that I was not pressured about buying the car.  We negotiated... [read more]
World Hyundai5October 16, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai client at World Hyundai

by Kathleen Root (New Lenox, IL) on October 16, 2009

Danny is a true professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to do business with.  We will recommend both World Hyundai and Danny to our friends.

Our reply

Thank you for coming from New Lenox for your Hyundai. We look forward to seeing you in the service department.

World Hyundai4August 22, 2009

New Lenox buyer is pleased with World Hyundai. Just go faster

by ROCKY DELLAMANO (NEW LENOX , IL) on August 22, 2009

Mike treated us well - he listened to our concerns and helped a lot

The whole process took way too long - Mike tried to accelerate things

World Hyundai5August 21, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai buyer is happy with Mike and World Hyundai

by Diane L Gordon (New Lenox, IL) on August 21, 2009

Mike was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to deal with. 

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