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World Hyundai5November 3, 2009

Mark did a great job to help Alton IL Hyundai buyer

by ivory bowens (Atkins, IL) on November 3, 2009

Mark is a wonderful sales person. I live in Alton Il and I explain my situation to another salesperson regarding my credit situation and given her all the information that was needed to pull my credit report over the phone. This sales person ran my credit report and told me that if I could get to this dealership that night or the next day she could get me in a car with no money down. So we sat up the appointment for 10:00 the next day.  This sales person did not show up at all that day. So when  I spoke with Mark he ran my credit report and explain to me that he could put me in a car but I would need a down payment.  I was furious and explained to him what took place the day before. If I could not get a car because I did not have a down payment. To make a long story short Mark work on this all day and when I left at the end of the day. I left with not only a car, but a wonderful car and a big smile on my face. I feel that if you guys honor employees of the month. Well this month he earned this.  Because I was not a very happy person that day, but he stuck in there!.

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Wow-what a great story...I have to agree; it sounds like Mark saved the day for everyone. He does work very hard for his clients and for everyone at World. I apologize that it took the "long way" to get it done and want to thank you for hanging in there with us. We will do everything we can to make all of your experiences great ones in the future.



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