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World Hyundai5February 20, 2013

Bryant M. of Matteson IL

by Bryant K Miller (Matteson, IL) on February 20, 2013
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Excellent service!!! I would recommend to anyone I know to come purchase here. Antoine was very helpful, and made me very comfortable during the process from start to finish. Thank You World Hyundai.

World Hyundai5December 23, 2009

World Hyundai Matteson gets a great 5 star review from this Plainfield customer

by Debbie Orchard (Plainfield, IL) on December 23, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware
Antoine was wonderful. He did everything I asked and gave me all that I wanted and needed. A lower car payment . A newer car, I can't even believe it. He is great at customer service and is a good, non pushy salesman. Everyone at the dealer was very friendly and made... [read more]
World Hyundai5December 22, 2009

Awesome review of World Hyundai Matteson by Mr. Briggs

by Antjuan D Briggs (Matteson, IL) on December 22, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

My experience at world Hyundai was a pleasant one.The staff was very cordial and didn't make me feel like a burden to them like some other dealerships. It is this reason that I felt comfortable doing business here. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would certainly rate this experience as a 10. This dealership was full of patient understanding knowlegable people.

World Hyundai5December 22, 2009

Crystal, thank you being a loyal Frankfort Hyundai buyer. Enjoy the Elantra!

by Crystal Williams (Frankfort, IL) on December 22, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

They made the process smooth and easy, we walked away very happy customers.

Our reply

Frankfort Hyundai


Thanks for bringing your son in today for his new Hyundai!



World Hyundai5December 21, 2009

River Oaks Calumet City Hyundai shopper comes to World Hyundai Matteson

by Mae Robinson (Calumet City, IL) on December 21, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Antoine Ware was great.Ienjoyed how the business was conducted.

Our reply

Calumet City Hyundai


Thank you for making us your River Oaks Hyundai dealership!

World Hyundai4December 19, 2009

All the way from Schaumburg to get a good Hyundai deal from World Hyundai Matteson

by Lisa Tree (Schaumburg, IL) on December 19, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Overall good experience, Antoine is very helpful and professional.

Our reply


We really appreciate you coming all the way from Schaumburg to get your vehicle from us. Merry Christmas!

Schaumburg Hyundai

World Hyundai5December 15, 2009

Joliet Hyundai dealership World Hyundai Matteson takes good care of this Joliet shopper

by Kyle Leos (Joliet, IL) on December 15, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Thought the service was great, antoine was very nice, and helped explain all the options that were open to someone who was as limited as myself. the paperwork is never fun but could not be avoided of course, so all and all a good visit

Our reply

Joliet Hyundai Dealership World Hyundai Matteson


Glad to hear the visit turned out well!

World Hyundai5December 14, 2009

Country Club Hills client will refer family Hyundai shoppers to World Hyundai

by Francesca Morris (Country Club Hills, IL) on December 14, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Antoine was very patient and helpful I will definetly refer friends to come and do business with him. He was not pushy but made sure I got a good deal I really appreciate salesman like him who do their jobs effectively.

Our reply

We look forward to assisting your family and friends buy a Hyundai!

World Hyundai5December 12, 2009

Happy Hyundai shopper from Bloomindale at World Hyundai Matteson

by Victoria Hemphill (Bloomingdale, IL) on December 12, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware
It was a great experience, Antwon understood my need and was able to help me. He really worked with me and I am very glad that he continued to contact me concerning buying a new car. He was not over the top aggresive and had very good knowledge of the... [read more]
World Hyundai4December 7, 2009

Great Hyundai service at World Hyundai in the Matteson auto mall

by Jesica Bautista (Chicago, IL) on December 7, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware


Our reply


So glad to hear about the good used car purchase at World Hyundai Matteson.

World Hyundai4December 5, 2009

New Lenox Hyundai client at World Hyundai Matteson.

by Lauren Jinkensen (New Lenox, IL) on December 5, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

The service here was very good. very professional. very helpful.

Our reply


World Hyundai Matteson, your  New Lenox Hyundai dealer is happy to be of service to you. Thanks for your business. We look forward to seeing you in the future.


World Hyundai Matteson

World Hyundai5December 5, 2009

Antoine is a good listener. Provides good service for this Park Forest Hyundai guest.

by Henrietta Williams (Park Forest, IL) on December 5, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware
Antoine has been excellent in supplying my needs.  It is important to listen to the customers needs and then act.  I do not like pushy salesman.  And I can say with certainty that Antoine conducted himself in a very professional and courteous manner.  signed Henrietta Williams.  ... [read more]
World Hyundai5December 3, 2009

Would refer customers to World Hyundai Matteson

by Erica R Harris (Chicago Heights , IL) on December 3, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

I got great service and he answered all my questions and eased some of my concerns. I would defintelty refer people to here.

Our reply

Thank you for thinking of us. We would be happy to work with your referrals.

World Hyundai5November 28, 2009

Chicago Hyundai customer enjoys new vehicle from World Hyundai

by Anietra Hopkins (Chicago, IL) on November 28, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Representative was very friendly and prompt. Representative was very patient and thoroughly explained all requested information. Keep up the good work!

Our reply

Thank you for your business, Anietra. We are glad that everything went so well and you were able to come down to the Matteson Auto Mall.



World Hyundai4November 20, 2009

Crest Hill Hyundai client gets a new Hyundai at World Hyundai Matteson

by Maurice Montgomery (Crest Hill , IL) on November 20, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Antoine Ware was helpful and worked within his ability to fulfill his obligation of getting me into a new vehicle.  Although it was not exactly the vehicle I was anticipating on getting but I feel it will work for me at this time.

Our reply

We are pleased to be your Crest Hill Hyundai Dealership. Thank you for your business.

World Hyundai5November 14, 2009

Suburban Markham customer loves new Hyundai

by Anthony Brown (Markham, IL) on November 14, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Things were great. Antoine, Tom & Korey went the extra mile to get this deal done!

Our reply

Antoine, Tom and Korey are good at serving our customers and keeping our Hyundai buyers happy. Thank you for your business. Please come see us for your first Chicago Hyundai service!



World Hyundai5November 11, 2009

Tom Primbas and Antoine were helpful for this Riverdale Hyundai shopper

by Edward Collins (Riverdale, IL) on November 11, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

They(Antoine & Tom) were nice and patient with us and helped us find a nice car.

Our reply

World Hyundai5November 10, 2009

St Anne Hyundai client is pleased with World Hyundai Matteson

by Katina Hankins (St. Anne, IL) on November 10, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

I really appreciate the way he went out his way to help me I am very grateful for his time and service it's not often that people go out of the way for you to make things work for you and again I say THANKS!!!!!!

World Hyundai5November 9, 2009

Great experience at World Hyundai Matteson. Other dealers were not so nice...

by Corinne Lietz (Chicago Heights, IL) on November 9, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware
Antoine greeted me at the door immediately upon my arrival at your dealership. I felt very welcome, after having some negative experiences at other dealerships on my quest for a new vehicle. He was very personable and professional and answered all my questions with courtesy and knowledge. Overall a very... [read more]
World Hyundai5November 6, 2009

Matteson Used Car client happy at World Hyundai Matteson

by Katrina Hammond (Matteson, IL) on November 6, 2009
Salesperson: Antoine Ware

Antoine was a great sales person. Antoine keep up the good work.

Our reply

Glad we could help with your used car purchase. It is our pleaseure to assist!

Used Cars Matteson

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