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World Hyundai1September 21, 2009


by Amanda H (Manteno, IL) on September 21, 2009

I had horrible service from the start.  I was told to come in because they has 20 Santa Fe's on the lot (all in which were roughly $13000 and under 40,000miles-by Melissa).  When I get there, I was shown only 5 and somehow when I went to make a deal, I was told "I'm sorry that car is $21,000".  Then the origional saleman ran my credit without my approval.  I told him I DID NOT want to finance.  I asked to speak to a manager.  Mark comes along and just as I thought things were getting better, he proceeds to show me a vehicle again above my price range.  Somehow he convinces me since I was already approved for financing, I should just financed.  I get frustrated because I did not approve anyone to run my credit.  Some other guy comes out and somehow tries to insist, without backing down, that I should buy 2 cars.  I tell him repeatedly that I did not want 2 cars.  I get so upset that I demand to speak to the owner.  I met with Brian and thought things were getting better (again).   I was told they would detail my car  (among other things) and all would be good.  WRONG. They let me leave on an empty tank of gas, a screw in the tire, and no air conditioning.  Okay, no big deal right?  Part of the plan was to get new tires because I was smart enough to look at them and one tank of gas...I can cough it up on my own.   Well I drop my car off on a thursday to get it cleaned, ect and was told I would have it back on Friday.  My replacement car had no gas either.  It was so bad that I pulled out of the dealer with the light on.  After my constant calling (to Mark because they kept my licence by accident) they say my car won't be ready till monday now.  I go get it  monday (today) and it was disgusting.  It was not detailed at all.  So I make a trip out there for nothing (but to waste my own gas again) So then I ask for my licence back, but no one can find it.  The "partner" of the business, Brian,  is a jerk and talks to people and takes calls while I am standing in front of him wondering what is going to happen with my licence.  Another salesmand says "oh please don't make a bad remark on this website because none of us will hear the end of it then.  I still don't have my car back. I can make a list of names at this dealership that treated me like crap.  Mark conned me into making a great review about him last time, but I was under the impression he was actually helping me.  The second I signed for the car, it was like pulling teeth to locate him. 

Our reply


You were 100% in the right for talking about us like this. We dropped the ball on you and it was all within our power to handle properly. I am so sorry this had to happen. In the future if there is anything that we can do for you, please contact me directly at 773-491-9555.


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